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Commissions are done on an hourly basis and I will give a maximum cost quote in CAD appropriate to the amount of labour the image you request will require. After completion I tally the hours and invoice the remaining amount after deposit.

Most of the examples below are of digital artwork commissions, and thus the hour estimations reflect such, but traditional art commissions are certainly available as an option as well. On average, traditional art commissions require more hours to produce in comparison to digital paintings of a similar level of scale and detail, plus the base cost of materials. For delivery of finished traditional pieces, you can either pay shipping, or arrange to pick up the artwork at a convention I’m showing at.

If you are interested in commissioning me, please read the Terms of Service, then sign up to my mailing list to be the first to receive updates on what I’m available to do month to month. Typically I go by ideas rather than first come-first serve for full illustration selection process, but don’t worry- I respond to every inquiry.

You can see my ongoing queue progress on my Trello page. If you have questions about my availability for a certain time frame please email me.


Payment is to be made through Paypal; I’ll send an invoice to you via email after we’ve agreed on the commission. Canadians have the option to pay via interac e-transfer. If Paypal is not feasible for you, other payment methods may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All commissions are to be paid up front before the start of work except for full illustrations of which a 50% deposit is required for first time buyers, and lower deposits for trusted patrons who are ok with longer turn around times. Payment plan options are available for prices of $200 or more. For full details regarding cancellation, refunds, and other alterations or edits, please see the full Terms of Service.


I have been doing private commissions on and off for 10 years and going full time for the last 5. I don’t ever accept a commission that I potentially can’t fulfill and do my darnest to keep you updated on any issues, delays, or events that postpone your commission. If you’re ever dissatisfied and want to cancel a commission I will refund immediately subtracting the labor already spent towards your work. My clients are important contributors to the livelihood of my craft and my brand and are treated with the utmost professionalism.

Commission Categories

***All prices are in Canadian (CAD) Currency***

Full Illustrations

Digital medium – minimum quality 5-6000px longest side @ 300DPI

My gallery standard of your character(s) beautifully illustrated in a partial or vast environment. Cost is detail-orientated based on complexity of elements (full or partial bodies, an abstract background vs lots of tree/foliage or architecture, nude vs armor, simple vs complex characters, difficult action angles)

  • Note that it will cost more if I am also designing/redesigning your character or world (outside of standard earth setting or ambiguous nature)
  • I do not promise deadlines for 16+ hr illustrations anymore as I like to postpone the work to refresh my perspective when faced with extreme visual problem solving. Typically it can take 1-3 months after deposit for completion.
  • Each thumbnail phase do-over with cost an additional $30-50 on top of my original quote

Price samples ordered lowest -> highest

$400 – 600:

$600 – 800:

$800 -1200:

Request A Full Illustration Quote

Currently on hiatus for new work until late May 2018

Typically I get back to inquiries within a week.

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