Foam shell inserts are patterned pieces of 1″ upholstery foam glued together to create forms around the wearer held by tension and friction. Super lightweight and collapsible, industrial fans can blow right through to cool without needing to de-suit during breaks. For clients who prefer more solid forms the hollows in the shells can be stuffed with polyester fiberfill, but will add weight and heat. Be sure to unpack and let your foam inserts return their form a few hours before you plan to wear your costume.


What are health-debatable materials used in the costumes?


  • E6000
  • Polyurethane casting foam for heads – Cast heads are left to cure and ventilate for at least one week before furring. Smooth On themselves claim their chemicals are rendered inert once cured.
  • Super 77 Spray Adhesive and/or Contact cement – used for feet soles only
  • Sintra (foamed PVC) for reticulated tail spines and eyes – Releases carcinogenic fumes if heated over 65 °C /149 °F in which your costume/fur will absolutely be wrecked at that temperature anyways.

Other Materials Used:

  • Plastic faux fur or specialty stretch faux fur
  • Upholstery thread
  • Hot glue
  • Acrylic paint
  • Fleece, spandex, nylon, elastic & other textiles
  • Super sculpey (sometimes)
  • Cast resin and/or silicone
  • Non toxic contact cement for foam
  • Plastidip (sometimes)
  • Vynil flooring sheets (feet bottoms)
  • Closed cell foam
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Bolts, Magnets (sometimes)
  • Heavy wire for articulated jaws
  • Pool inflatable toys (sometimes)